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I have a 2nd interview!

Lauren talks summer job hunt strategies on Can...…so i should focus all of my energies on this job and interview, right? Well, yes and no.  Yes, be prepared for the interview.  But no, you will still want to focus on your job search.  Continue to network and target jobs and companies.  And if this job comes through — awesome!  But if it doesn’t, you’ll be much closer to getting other interviews.  And for more job search coaching and how to find a job tips, visit

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Job search frustrations? This will make you smile…

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The How-to-Find-a-Job website with your own personal Coach; it’s so streamlined, we’ve practically done the work for you!

You will get a completed Resume, learn how to sell yourself and answer interview questions, have an interview with your Coach, and focus on job search networking with Linkedin and JibberJobber. Starting at $60 for the 14-day plan, it’s the perfect, stress-free answer.  Now doesn’t that make you want to smile?

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