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3 Second Statement – -The Secret to Opening Doors

The Statement

So here’s how to summarise what you do in three seconds, as described in Brand You… We call it your three-second statement. If you mention two activities, at least twice as many people will want to know more. They will pick up on the topic that interests them most.

( I love this insight from John Purkiss, author of Brand You.  John and I overlapped at Heidrick & Struggles executive search where he was a partner in the London office. His website is )

So pick two things you want to highlight and make those into your three-second statement. John Purkiss’ own answer to “What do you do?” is “I’m a headhunter and I write books”.

You can vary what you include in your statement according to who is asking and what they are most likely to be interested in. You can then use this in your three-second statement: “I’m a website designer and I’ve recently qualified as a personal trainer” or “I work in HR and I write a blog about Indian food”.

So what’s your three-second statement?

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Looking for the right job is like Dating…

Informational Interviews and Networking

Day 82: Information

Informational Interviews!

Set up Informational Interviews (only 1 in 40 job seekers do this!)

Informational interviews are amazing. Amazing networking. Amazing industry research. Amazing confidence builders. And yet maybe 2.5% of all careerists take advantage of the opportunity to sit down for 15 minutes with an influencer already working within their career choice.

The One Thing: Through the professional association you joined, or maybe through social media or LinkedIn, find a professional you respect… and ask for a 15 minute coffee meeting or Skype call. Does this work? Yes! 

Then put together a list of 5-8 others you can easily approach over the Holidays- – and start networking. 

(Borrowed from thesavvyintern blog at; thank you Mark Babbitt for this reminder!)

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