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Creative Resumé vs template Resumé??

Creative Resumé! It represents YOU and where you WANT your career to go. It’s creative in a poetic license way- -formatted so your strengths and experiences are quickly understood. Recent Graduate, 20-Something and Experienced Professional samples are attached.


MyCareerCatpult.com can help YOU with a creative Resumé.  #WinningTipsfor20Somethings  #InterviewPrepTip

Recent Grad Resume

5 Years Experience Resume

Experienced Professional Resume


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Do You Have What It Takes?

CEOs know. They will hire and promote employees who exhibit these traits: Hustle; Passion; Creativity; Honesty; Happiness; Flexibility; and Confidence. #WinningTipsfor20Somethings
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30 Seconds to Better Information Retention


The 30 Second Review: Immediately after any lecture, conference, meeting, or other significant experience, take 30 seconds to think through (summarize; write down if you can) the most important points. That’s it. It sounds so simple—almost a useless exercise—but after several months of trying it out, Scott shares her experience and the multiple benefits:

“You learn to listen better, and ask better questions: Once you get into the habit of the 30 second review, it starts to change the way you pay attention, whether listening to a talk or participating in a discussion. It’s like learning to detect a simple melody amidst a cacophony of sound. And as you listen with more focus, and ask better questions which prompt actionable answers, so your 30 second review becomes more useful.”

Additionally, she says, it helps you interpret information and decide what really matters, capture nuance in conversations, and better help others. 

Thanks to The Daily Muse and Robyn Scott.  Read her on Medium.com

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4 Million Open Jobs!

Don’t settle for mediocrity. There are 4 million open jobs in the US. Job Seeker: look online; submit resume; wait. Employers: post online; review resumes; wait.  But this doesn’t work. For you to be hired, you need to radically re-imagine how to navigate the job market, connect, engage, and build the kind of personal brand to attract employers.

Re-imagine how to market yourself, develop your target companies and jobs, and expand your network. 4 million people need to be hired, so invest the time, creativity and persistence to be successful.

For more ideas, hire a Coach! http://www.MyCareerCatapult.com


Adapted and borrowed from Business Insider: “This Simple Strategy Will Make You The Top Candidate For Any Job” by Joel Capperella.

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True Grit

What sets high achievers apart?  According to psychologist and “genius grant” recipient Angela Lee Duckworth, it’s ruthlessly pursuing a goal over time: grit, perseverance. This is the trait that, “as much as, or in some cases more than, talent can predict success in a variety of difficult situations” according to an December interview in  Monitor on Psychology.


   A Defining Factor of Grit is Perseverance: Perseverance in this case is defined by the ability and stamina to go after long-term goals. If you pride yourself on, say, resisting late-night snacks, but change your career goal every time you face a setback, grit is not your forte. Self-control, a more temporary concept, may be. (And yes, it’s possible to have both.)

   You Can’t Have Grit Without a Goal: People who are gritty, Duckworth says, are hard workers who don’t see pursuing their goal as “work.” They value it deeply, believe that good things will come from achieving it, and don’t waste time second-guessing themselves or worrying about what they could be doing instead. In other words, if you find a goal you’re passionate about, the grit may follow.

   There Are Ways to Boost Grit: One may be to practice looking on the bright side. Since grit usually involves overcoming obstacle after obstacle, pessimists are less likely to have it. Another may be to commit to committing. According to Duckworth’s research, showing up is indeed half the battle—if not more. “Woody Allen once said that 80% of success in life is just showing up,” she says. “And I think grit inclines individuals to show up for their commitments, and to keep showing up.”

Know someone who needs help defining goals and sticking to a career plan? Find career and job search coaching – -and job search success at http://www.MyCareerCatapult.com

Article borrowed from Anna Medaris Miller, The Daily Muse

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Workplace Passion…?

Yes! Bosses have discovered that passion -about the business! -makes a better employee.

I love you

A passion for the business. A zeal for the industry. An excitement, an enthusiasm, a zest for the art, and the craft, and the science, of what makes a company in the field succeed. In an information economy, the measures of success are increasingly intangible.  Finding people who can make decisions well, and then execute on those decisions, is difficult for bosses.They have to figure out who is going to understand the customer better, the manufacturing process better, the marketing better, the interface better, and so on.

What’s more, bosses need to determine who’s going to stick with it — there are a lot more forks in the road, and bumps along the way, in this intangible world. Perseverance through the inevitable fumbles and fiascos is needed because without perseverance there are no victories.

Because somebody who is passionate is inherently motivated, and internally driven to succeed, they try harder to find answers. They think up clever stuff on their own. They enjoy the business, and the customers, and the industry so much that they’re always discovering new things or perceiving additional ways that the business could succeed.

In short, passionate people are better employees because they care more than dispassionate people. Celebrate your passions in your work and job search, and enjoy the sweet taste of success. http://www.MyCareerCatapult.com

Excerpted insight from article by MARC CENEDELLA, THELADDERS

Read more: http://www.cenedella.com/so-if-not-me-who-did-get-the-job-2/#ixzz2n58fuCTs

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3 Tips for Selling Yourself


1. Know exactly where you want to go. 

You need to know exactly what you want to achieve or no one can help you get there. Your elevator pitch should answer three questions: Who are you? What do you do? Where do you want to go, or what are you looking for?

2. Eliminate Jargon.

A good strategy is to imagine explaining what you do to your parents and using a similar formula in your elevator pitch. Making sure your pitch is in layman’s terms is especially critical for those in accounting, finance, and technology.

Dumbing down complex ideas is a “real art,” says McDonald. You need to be able to explain what you do and who you are in a way that appeals to most people. This means avoiding acronyms or terminology that wouldn’t be understood by someone outside of your industry.

3. Pitch it to your friends and colleagues.

Keep practicing and tweaking your pitch until it’s natural for you to say aloud and convincing to the listener. After you’ve got your story down, practice your elevator pitch with friends and colleagues. Ask them to give you feedback. Ask them what you should do to make it better.

“Most people can’t present what they’ve done effectively,” Paul McDonald, a senior executive director at staffing firm Robert Half, tells Business Insider. “They’re not used to giving sound bites of what they do.”

Thank you to Buisness Insider for the article below which inspired our top 3 tips. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-tell-your-story-in-30-seconds-2013-11#ixzz2kf4xxdqV

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Permission to Have Fun this Weekend!

A Little Happiness

A Little Happiness 

The Job Search can’t be 24/7; so here’s your permission to have fun this weekend to improve your job search productivity next week:

Don’t work even a little this weekend. Make a firm decision to not even do 5 or 10 minutes of work. And don’t check your email; keep your work phone shut off.


Look at the cost of non-stop job stress. When you start thinking about work say STOP! in your mind.  Thinking about work/the job search during the weekend will probably not help you in the long run, instead it will lead to more stress and worries.

Fill your weekend with activities you love doing. When time just flies and you’re having fun, then you are a lot more likely to reap the positive benefits of relaxation.

Now you can start your Monday morning job search rested, re-invigorated and with gusto- – Go For It!

 Ideas borrowed from The Positivity Blog 

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Intern? Interviewee? Employee? Visitor? Volunteer? Be sure to leave a Good Impression-

Whichever one, keep the following in mind.  And for more free tips,  please go to http://www.MyCareerCatapult.com and download the Free Top Ten Tips for the Job Search! – Terry Walton

“There are a few important lessons to be learned here. First of all, always conduct yourself professionally when you are in a business environment, whether for an internship, a job, or as a visitor. When you are given an assignment, make sure you communicate when you have completed it, and ask what else you can do. Never take advantage of your employer, or demand perks that are not appropriate.  And, most importantly, ask the employer if they would be able to give you a future job recommendation.”   (Borrowed from the summary paragraph in “Leave a Good Impression” on the collegejobhunt blog)

And also keep these tips in mind when you are on social media and Linkedin –

Statesmen No.36: Caricature of The Rt Hon Lord...

The Rt Hon Lord JJR Manners MP – “Good manners and professionalism will take you everywhere.”

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Job Search Frustrations? Shine in a Temp job!

If you are having trouble in this tough job market, take a different approach: try a Temp job!

Determine companies and industries you are interested in and target them for temporary job.  This will be your chance to shine!  You can make a good impression, learn the organization and show them your skills.  So be ready to give your sales pitch, talk about your skills & experience, and network!

Shine Like It Does: The Anthology (1979–1997)

Shine in a Temp Job! 

And let your personal Coach at MyCareerCatapult.com help you get prepared!  — Terry Walton

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